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Kenmore Personal Injury Care

Kenmore Personal Injury Claims

Suffering from personal injury? Call us now!

Personal injury, of course, refers to injury to your person. As it relates to Kenmore Chiropractic, it usually means work related injuries or, much more commonly, motor vehicle collision related injuries.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a huge advantage for those who have been injured in an automobile collision, even if you are found to be at fault. With PIP you can be referred to any medical professional, as necessary; Without PIP you may have to pay for care out-of-pocket, even if you weren’t the cause of the accident. Never remove PIP from your insurance plan.

Getting Started at Kenmore Chiropractic

Due to the potential for litigation here in the United States, it is very important to get everything right at the start. This includes evaluation, documentation and treatment.

The first phase of treatment is calming and soothing. It will include a combination of Massage Therapy, and may be paired with Craniosacral Therapy, Cold Laser, and/or Disc Decompression.

Spinal adjustments are necessary during the initial, secondary and long-term treatment of damaged myofascial tissue. The normal fibrosis of repair can become very problematic if not treated with chiropractic care. As we get older we accumulate scar tissue in our muscles, ligaments and tendons. An industrial injury, or a car wreck, can dramatically increase this problem. Prompt application of chiropractic care will minimize the long-term effects of your injuries.

Have you been injured? Contact our Kenmore chiropractic office to get started on the path to recovery. (425) 486-2844